Cebu Diary: A Very Cebu Experience


I’ve been staying in Cebu for coupe of months now. I’ve tried most of their delicacies, well-known restaurants, and go-to comfort foods that I’ve read online. But there is this one “only in Cebu” dining that I haven’t experienced yet. I’ve always wanted to try since I got here but I got busy. Now is just the perfect time to try.

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The Baker bid farewell







This morning I was so thrilled that September is finally here. I got busy about the projects and the plans that I have for my blog readers and friends. I was engrossed…  Couple of hours later, my smile faded and and it turned upside down. Life indeed has its ways on how to make you appreciate the simple things and joy that we felt by giving us a little tug in the heart.


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Here Ye! Here Ye! September is Here!

Hello birth month! I am so thrilled and excited because August sucked the life out of me, and September is something that will regain my life. Well you know what they say, “New Month, New Life”.

Anyway, since this is my birth month, I have come up with an idea to have a little game for you my dear readers. This game gained its popularity couple of years back and has improved with the power of social media. Say hello to *drum rolls please* The Tequila Dramedy’s 30-Day Photo Challenge!!! *applause*applause*and all that sound effects*.



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I want to be your reason and the because of your whys.



For once, I wanna be the reason why he cuts his hair

just because I told him to do so.

The reason why he eats something just because its my favorite food.

The reason why he buys a shirt because its my favorite color.

The reason why he falls asleep while holding his phone at night.

The reason why he loves something he used to hate because I love it.

And lastly, I wanna be the reason why he smiles, laughs.

I wanna be the BECAUSE of his every WHYS..

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