The Tequila Dramedy

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Ice Giants Desserts & Snacks

    Ice Giants Desserts & Snacks, a chain of quick-service dessert restaurants owned by the Villaceran couple, is originally from Davao City. In Cebu, they have two branches. One is in The Strip...

Cebu Diary: A Very Cebu Experience 0

Cebu Diary: A Very Cebu Experience

I’ve been staying in Cebu for coupe of months now. I’ve tried most of their delicacies, well-known restaurants, and go-to comfort foods that I’ve read online. But there is this one “only in Cebu”...

The Baker bid farewell 0

The Baker bid farewell

        This morning I was so thrilled that September is finally here. I got busy about the projects and the plans that I have for my blog readers and friends. I was engrossed…...