Dear Future Self


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Writing a letter to someone is easy. I do it all the time and I really enjoy doing it. One time, when I was in Cebu, I wrote  a 14-page letter to Geliebter before he left for Manila to train. Yes! 14-page! Hahahaha. You know what they say, “Handwritten letters will never go out of style.”

But writing a letter to your future self can be difficult. We’ll for me, that is. I tell you, it’s not easy for me. I mean I will not be opening this letter in the next 10 years, I sure want it to be something full of wisdom. Something that I can look forward to reading. Something that will make me say, “Ahh! I’ve improved. And I’m way better that what you’ve expected, 27-year-old Cathie.”

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“Someday someone won’t be afraid of how much you love. They won’t stay on the shore; they’ll meet you in the depths.”
— Breanna Sipple

Illustration by Paula Bonet

The purpose of soulmate


Sometimes the purpose of a soulmate is to tear down your walls, shake you awake and reveal parts of yourself you never knew you had. And then they leave.

Sometimes it’s their job to break your heart open and let you know that your world isn’t as small as you think it is. And then leave.

Sometimes they come into our lives just to introduce us to the demons that we must beat. And then they leave.


Don’t cling to a soulmate who’s served their purpose of opening you up and breaking you free. Whom you love until the end of your days is up to you. The key word here is CHOICE.


For my SeaMonster,

I don’t regret meeting you. I never will. I’m happy you were in my life, for you came and showed me what it feels like to be with someone who is a total opposite of the type of guys I used to date. Like ours, not all relationships are meant to last forever. Some people come into our lives to teach us an important and sometimes painful life lesson and then they leave. It’s up to us how we use this experience and what we gain from it. Yes sweetie, you are my life and love lesson. God weaved you into my life for that purpose. And now that your task is done, I have to return you to Him, and move on. Thanks for the bittersweet memories “SeaMonster”. You’ll always be my “that kind of soulmate”.

Blowing you kisses from afar and whispering prayers for all your endeavors.

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Ice Giants Desserts & Snacks




Ice Giants Desserts & Snacks, a chain of quick-service dessert restaurants owned by the Villaceran couple, is originally from Davao City. In Cebu, they have two branches. One is in The Strip in Osmena Boulevard, and the other one is in City Times Square in Subangdaku, Mandaue City. My Geliebter and I went to the latter.

A server, dressed up like sailor, welcomed us with a big smile. The colorful interiors exude a happy aura that will surely charm the young and the young hearts.

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“Right. Left. Left.” will lead you to the best hot wings in town.

It’s no secret that I’m a chicken aficionado. I think that’s already expected since I grew up in Dakbanwa sang Bacolod. I also enjoy spicy food. So after stalking some local bloggers about what’s hot and what’s not in Cebu, I come across an article with words “spicy” and chicken” together in one sentence. You can only imagine how I am over the roof with excitement! It’s like being proposed to by the only local celebrity I fell in love with, my dream boy, Marc Nelson!



Welcome to Gibbs’ Hot Wings!

It is a small restaurant in Holy Family Village II in Banilad. It is a family-run diner that is nestled in the owner’s house extension.  It’s small and cozy with ambiance that makes you feel like you are home.


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