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  1. martin says:

    One of my battery was emptied. I connected my cam to the computer to charge it but whenever i try to pull out the usb connector the cam wont open. Do I have to fully charge the battery before taking it out?

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      Hi Martin! Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you need to fully charge the battery before taking it out. 🙂

  2. Mg says:

    Very helpful! Thanks 🙂

  3. Erickson says:

    My wrist remote control doent work when i follow ur steps po. 30secs i hold press both b and c after 3osecs i release button b then c when i open my cam doesnt do anything its the same not working. What im gonna do with this

    • Anonymous says:

      baka lowbat po yung remote niyo.. yung saakin kasi akala ko di gagana pero after kong chinarge, yun nagwowork na 🙂

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      try doing the set-up while your remote is charging. That’s what I did when I set it up. if it’s still doesnt work, you probably need to contact your product provider for a replacement. 🙂

    • Ban says:

      keep holding the buttons while turning the camera on. when indicator lights up in remote after turning your camera on, you can let go of the buttons in the remote.

  4. clariz says:

    Please please help.. my supremo 1 suddenly doesn’t work.. after i pressed the power botton to open.. the camera, video, even wifi botton doesn’t work anymore.. 🙁 how to fix it? Thanks..

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      Hi Clariz. I’ll get back to you on this cause I havent encountered this issue with my unit.

    • glenzky says:

      we have a thesame issue maam, i can press the buttons by selecting and scrolling but i can not use it by their main function.. i can not capture, i can not use the wifi, and turn it off..

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      hi clariz,
      from the S1 Group, one of the troubleshooting steps is to reformat your memory card. I suggest you copy your pics first using a laptop, then reformat it. Let me know if it works.

    • owell says:

      i have the same issue. nafixed po ba ng pagreformat ng SD card yung problem?

  5. Noelyn Mae S. Supremo says:

    Hello po. Tanong ko lang if naka-encounter na po kayo na walang sound yung video na ni-record? Wala po kasing sound yung akin. :(( nakaset na kasi for outdoor. I’ve also tried yung car pero wala pa rin. Please help.

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      Hi Noelyn, when youre recording, are you using the portable camera frame, or the waterproof case? If youre using the waterproof case, nothing to worry. Just transfer the file on your phone or laptop. Btw, you may need to convert the video file. Supremo1’s video file is .MOV to hear the sound. Try downloading VLC Media Player.
      Let me know if it works. Good luck 🙂

  6. Christian says:

    Hi there! I have a problem with my Supremo video settings. The time lapse does not appear in the list of video settings. Is there any way that i can restart the camera?

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      Hi Christian,
      Are you using Class10 memory card and is it at least 16G? If we are using memory card below Class10, some options doesnt show up. 🙂

  7. Raul says:

    Hi… May i ask where can i buy supremo 1 battery..pls, my battery fast drain i cant help i need a replacement..

    • Raul says:

      Or any option of battery compatible in supremo 1?

      • Tequila Tequila says:

        H Raul, I dont think there are other batteries in the market compatible with our S1. Try checking out kimstore. I think theyre selling spare batteries for 300. (Not sure about the price)

  8. Raul says:

    Pls someone tell me ty..

  9. Ban says:

    Hi, just got my supremo. I accidentally set my date year over 2016 leik it’s 2022 now… how do I go back?

  10. charm says:

    Hi! May I ask how to change the time and date? Pleasee.. Thanks!

  11. charm says:

    Hi! I really need your help po.. How to set the date and time? Everytime I click the shutter button it only adds up the year and didn’t transfer to other part.. Please help me.. Thaanks!

  12. Tinangeline says:

    nakacharge naman ung wrist remote and natry ko na lahat ng possible ways to connect it but it still doesnt work help -_-

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      Hi Tinangeline,
      you may need to return your remote to your product provider. It may be defective.

  13. Angelo says:

    Gud pm. Pano po iview n download yung files na S1 using smartphone. Dnownload ko po yung ismart app. D ko kc maview yung files. Tnx.

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      hi Angelo,
      To download files to your s1, what you can do is turn on your wifi (both on your smartphone and s1). once connected open your ismart app, click the button on the lower left corner. then download 🙂

  14. ryan says:

    hello sir.. just wanna know if there are any compatible external charger/dock charger for supremo 1?? so that i can charge the battery at the same time?? thanks..

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      Hi Ryan,
      as of the moment, there are no compatible external chargers for s1. the contact points for the external batteries of gopro and sjcam is different from ours. what you can do is try using a universal phone battery charger. make sure to guard it while its charging though to avoid overcharging and even fire.

  15. Charm says:

    Another question po :)… is it possible to connect the Supremo Cam to Camera360? If so, how? Thaanks again!

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      Connecting your S1 directly to Camera360 is not possible. What you can do is try to take a pic with your S1 first, download it to your phone using ISport Cam or ISmart DV, then manually edit it using Camera 360. Just a piece of advice though, when editing using Camera360, the finish product usually pixelates. Try using snapseed or vsco instead. 🙂

  16. gorg says:

    Question: Is the wrist remote also a waterproof? Thank you in advance for the reply.

  17. Hanjin says:

    Paano maging MP4 ang format ni to ? Nka MOV kasi hnd lang din maupload sa FB

  18. ichad says:

    Hi, I have a question. kelangan po ba fully charged yung battery para maopen yung supremo? tapus normal lang po ba na mag flicker yung led light while charging? Di kasi nag oopen yung camera kahit na partially charged yung battery, pero nag oopen naman pag nakasaksak yung cable. Thank you.

    • Tequila Tequila says:


      if that’s the case, you inserted your battery wrong. read more details regarding battery issue under “Setting Up your Supremo” in the post. if you inserted the batteries correctly and it still blinking, you need to have your battery replaced.

  19. Honey says:

    hi po can someone help me ung supremo ko po once open mo stock na sa logo tpos ung mag ilaw nagbblink then you couldnt do anything na unless alisin mo ung batt. i tried to reformat my sd card it doesnt help. TIA po

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      Hi Honey,

      double check if you have inserted the battery properly. supremo logo should be facing the same side with your LCD. if it’s still the same, return to product provider as it may be defective. hope this helps.

  20. Gnet says:


    What app or software do usually use for video editing in S1?


    • Tequila Tequila says:

      hi Gnet,

      I use power video, and viva vieo for mobile devices and Videopad for laptop. Hope this helps. 🙂

  21. dowie says:

    Hello. I just bought a supremo action camera from you. Why the video has no sound? I already changed the microphone settings to outdoor or even car but still there is no sound. I am not using the waterproof case while shooting the video.

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      Hi dowie,

      I just want to clear things up. I have not sold a single supremo cam and I am not affliated with the company of Supremo1, so you didnt buy a camera from me. Anyway, going back to your question, where are you viewing the video? is it on your s1? or on you mobile device? If it’s on your s1, try transferring your video to your smartphone or laptop/pc. If it’s still the same, you may need to return it to your product provider as it may be defective.
      hope this helps. 🙂

  22. Chin says:

    Hi.. I am planning to buy supremo 1 and looking for good reviews and informative blogs.. and I am happy to find out your blog.. so full of infos needed by a cam buyer like me esp the small details like setting up etc… now I am encouraged to buy this Supremo 1 without hesitation ??.. I’ll get back here for sure when I get one! I’m a lil bit goofy when it comes to setting up ahahaha… Love your blog and thumbs up ????? thanks a lot!

  23. Lourd says:

    Hello po.. Ask lang po ako if normal lang ba sa supremo1 na medyo umiinit kapag nagrerecord ng matagal?… kase po yung sakin parang umiinit sya ng konti tapos kapag nasa loob sya ng waterproof case parang nagmomoist sya ng konti… pero d naman po gaano…

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      hi Lourd,
      Yes normal siya na umiinit siya kasi the battery is working. nag momoist siya kasi yung temperature sa loob ng camera is mainit while pag nasa tubig siya iba din. what you can do to avoid ang pag momoist is to use anti-fog inserts. you can buy these sa lazada or sa kimstore, and meron din yata sa mga camera shops. or you can DIY using panty liner strips.

  24. Joyce says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for being very helpful and patient. We will buy Supremo on Friday and although we’re quite hesitant about it, especially after reading some negative issues, I’m more convinced now because of how helpful you are. Thank you! 🙂 God bless you more. ❤

  25. Froline says:

    Hi! It’s the first time i charged my s1, i already charged it for more than 5 hours but still red light is still on. Just want to ask if its normal. And when i turn it on while it is plugged it will work however, if its unplugged it will shut down..what to do? Thanks in advance..

    • Tequila Tequila says:

      Hi Froline,

      Did you check if youve inserted the battery properly? is the red light blinking or solid?

  26. Marksky says:

    This is one of the comprehensive review I’ve read about Supremo 1. Thanks!! ✌️

  27. Marie says:

    This review about Supremo 1 made my day. Set up the wrist remote using your steps here and it works immediately! So happy to be able to drop by here. Thank you and God bless!?????

  28. HoneyVanni says:

    Thank you! This is a comprehensive review and info about s1. Just got mine yesterday. And i’m excited to use it using the guidelines you’ve shared. Thanks.

  29. Arnold says:

    Good day po! About 4 weeks na yung S1 since nabili ko, so far so good. I often use my S1 as dash cam, very helpful. God bless. ?

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