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Oreo + Ice Cream = Happy Belly

One sunny afternoon, Geliebter and I were roaming around the city. We really didnt have any itinerary for that day. We just wanted to hang-out and check out something random in the city. When...


The “Tuslob Buwa” Experience

Also known as “The Poor Man’s Meal”, “Tuslob-Buwa” literally means ‘to dip in bubbles’ in the Cebuano Dialect. This exotic street food was named by the way it is eaten: dipping your puso (hanging rice)...

Item 84 and 86: ticked off in Sugbu 0

Item 84 and 86: ticked off in Sugbu

CEBU CITY!!! The Queen City of the South. As you know, I arrived here on the 20th and I havent explored much since I already have work yesterday. Today, I went to Ayala Center...