Bucket List

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“What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it”

– Hugh Mulligan

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I enjoy making lists. I’m the type of person who sets high expectations for myself  and I like noting it down. I tell you, I get a very big high when I complete things. So it’s no shock when I decided to create my life list.

A bucket list is a list of things that you want to do before you “kicked the bucket”. Some people think it’s a bit morbid, because of the death concept associated with it. I guess, most people are just scared to die. Probably they are scared because they haven’t done something meaningful with their life. but to each is own.

I will never know how or when I will die. But I do know that while I am here on this planet, I’m gonna make my life as exciting as it will be. That is one big reason why I created my bucket list.  Ten or twenty or more years from now I want to smile at all the troubles I overcame, all things I learned, and tried in doing whatever is it on my list. I dont want to frown when I look back in my life and see that there are many things that I am lazy or too chicken to try. So below are my 325! It’s gonna be a one hellova ride! Click here for more graphics and gifs!


Color codes and markers
RED – Achieved!
BLUE – This month’s goal
ORANGE – Started but no estimated date when to finish
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Own an English Bulldog

Own chickens.

Have a dog for its entire life.

Have a pet bunny.

Milk a cow.

Pet a panda.

See a koala. Click here for more graphics and gifs!

Hold a monkey.

Get a fish pedicure. —- *read here*

Swim with a school of fish

Swim with sharks

Swim with dolphins.

Kiss a dolphin.

Ride a camel.

Ride an elephant.

See a platypus up close.

See a polar bear.

See a tarsier up close Click here for more graphics and gifs!

Have a koi pond at my house.

arts and crafts

Finish a “Wreck this Journal”

Put up Christmas lights in my bedroom.

Finish a cross stitch

Make my own melted crayon art

Paint something on canvas.

Design my own Converse.

Complete a scrapbook.

Look up some DIY projects to do  Click here for more graphics and gifs!

Assemble a list of my all-time favourite quotes

Make 1000 paper cranes.

Make a jar of lucky paper stars.

body mod

Get a belly button piercing.

Get a dragon tattoo —- *read here*

Get an infinity tattoo.

Get a white ink tattoo.

Get matching tattoos with my friends —- *read here*

Get a new piercing —- *read here*

Get a face paint.



Own a thousand books

Have my own library in my house.

Read the Bible.

Read 50 books in one year.

Read 100 books in one year

Read 150 books in one year

Read every R.L. Stine books.

Read every C.S. Lewis novel.

Read all of the Harry Potter books.

Read every novel by Nicholas Sparks.

Read the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick

Read all Lord of the Rings books

Read the Fifty Shades trilogy

Read all The Hunger Games books

Read all The Chronicles of Narnia books



Go to as many concerts as possible
1 2 3 4

See Adele perform live.

Go to a Coldplay concert.

See Jason Mraz in concert.

See My Chemical Romance live

See Fall Out Boy live

See Greenday live

See Simple Plan live.

See Maroon 5 live —- *read here*

See Cirque du Soleil.

Go to an opera.

See Avenged Sevenfold live

See Christina Perri live

Go to a The Script concert

See Boyce Avenue live

See The Cranberries live

Go to a The Calling concert

Go to Lifehouse concert



Adopt a baby

Give my parents the honeymoon they never had.

Send my parents on an amazing vacation.

Cook something for my parents


food and drinks

Stop eating fast food for at least a month

Try every Smirnoff flavor.

Try every kind of Pringles.

Try all Baskin Robbins flavors

Try sushi.

Try authentic onigiri.

Try real Japanese ramen.

Try Indian food.

Try eating dragon fruit. —- *read here*

Try fried ice cream. —- *read here*

Try mochi ice cream. —- *read here*

Try durian.

Get drunk.

Get drunk on the beach.

Eat healthier.

Eat more vegetables.

Eat at the Hello Kitty cafe.

Go to a Hard Rock Cafe.

Do jello shots

Drink a martini.

Only drink water and tea for an entire month




Plan my best friend’s wedding

Be the maid of honor in a wedding.

Play laser tag

Have a snowball fight

Play a slot machine.

Play in a human hamster ball.

Have a huge water balloon fight.

Fly a kite

Ride a roller coaster.

Swim in an infinity pool.

Fast for three days

Go fishing and eat my catch.

Ride the Singapore Flyer

Ride a cable car

Go on a picnic

Take a photo every day for a year.

Be in a photoshoot.

Take a picture of my outfit every day of the year

Dress like a pin-up

Wear a corset.


Hold up a free hugs sign. —– *read here*


Find my dream job

Become a barista.

Become a librarian.

Become a photographer.

Become a teacher



Learn Braille

Learn sign language.

Learn Chinese.

Learn French.

Learn Japanese.

Learn to bake.

Learn how to cook.

Learn how to bartend.

Learn how to sing.

Take ballet lessons.

Learn to belly dance.

Learn to pole dance.

Learn to play piano.

Learn how to play the violin.

Learn how to play the guitar.

Learn to fence

Learn to Ice Skate

Learn self-defense

Learn how to surf.

Learn origami,

Learn how to knit.

Learn to sew

Learn how to apply make-up.

Learn how to use chopsticks.

Learn how to drive.

Learn how to draw.



Spend an entire day watching Disney movies

Spend a whole day watching chick flicks

Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in one day. —- *read here*

Watch every movie Marilyn Monroe acted in.

Watch every movie Audrey Hepburn acted in.



Remember to stop and smell the roses

Find starfish on the beach  —- *read here*

Watch the snow fall

Plant a tree.

Climb a tree. —- *read here*

Plant flowers.

See a shooting star.

Touch a Sakura flower



Own a pair of Bordello heels.

Own a pair of converse in every color.

Own a pair of Iron Fist heels.

Own a pair of Chanel flats.

Own a pair of Jimmy Choo

Own a pair of Louboutins.

Own a pair of Steve Madden shoes.

Own a pair of Yves Saint Laurent heels.

Buy a pair of Vans

Own a pair of nude pumps

Own a “Cool  story bro” sweatshirt

Own a sexy lace dress

Buy a “To write love on her arms.” shirt.

Own Juicy Couture stuff

Own a full set of make-up brushes.

Own one of each Baby Lips lipbalm

Own a Coach bag.

Own a Louis Vuitton Purse.

Own a macbook.

Own a Nikon.

Own a lomographic camera

Own an instax.

Own a Canon

Get a colorful pair of Ray Bans

Own a pair of ray-bans.

Have my own star.

Buy a hammock

Buy new coloring books and crayons

Open my own boutique

Open my own business.

Own a dreamcatcher —- *read here*

Own the whole Keri Smith collection —- *read here* 

Own every The Sims 3 game made

Own a snow globe collection

Own my dream house

Own Disney Princess dolls

Own every Disney movie on dvd.

Get a Disney balloon.



Party all night

Wake up still drunk after a long night of partying.

Go to a Full-Moon party on Koh Phangan beach in Thailand

Go to a hot air balloon festival. Click here for more graphics and gifs!

Attend a masquerade —- *read here*

Throw a karaoke party

Experience a surprise party thrown for me

Throw a surprise party for someone —- *read here*



Sponsor a child

Donate my hair to locks of love

Take out a homeless person to dinner.

Buy a homeless person a full meal.

Buy a happy meal for a homeless person

Buy flowers for someone for no reason at all.

Give long-term support to a charity




Go a week without using my phone.

Go an entire day without using a technology.

Start a diary and write in it every day.

Have a tidy bedroom —- *read here*

 Put decorations in our house for Christmas season

Have a candle-lit bath.

Get a hot stone massage.

Finish an entire tube of lipgloss.

Meet a famous celebrity

Smash open my piggy bank when it gets full.

Take a picture with Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Make a sky lantern wish

Send someone a letter Click here for more graphics and gifs!

Reach 1,000 followers on twitter or instagram

Convince someone to write their own bucket list.

Put mentos in diet coke.

Watch a TV show live

Send message in a bottle. Click here for more graphics and gifs! —- *read here*

Sit on Santa’s lap

Let go of 100 balloons at the same time.

Tie messages to the balloons and let them go Click here for more graphics and gifs!



Face my fear of love.

Be swept off my feet

Have a love like Elli and Carl’s

Spend an entire day cuddling.

Receive a love letter.

Receive a dozen of roses.

Date a foreigner

Get a piggyback from a guy

Go on a beach date.

Go camping together.

Go on a stargazing date.

Kiss a stranger.

Kiss in the rain.

Kiss under the fireworks.

Make out with someone with pop rocks in my mouth.

Get matching tattoos with my soulmate.


Bungee jump.

Go parasailing.

Go paragliding.

Sky dive.

Scuba dive.

Go snorkeling.

  Start running every day.

Participate in the color run.  —- *read here*

 Run a 3k  —- *read here*

 Run a 5k. —- *read here*

Try Water Rafting

Ride a Jet Ski

Go Horseback Riding

Drive Go Karts

Try Yoga.

Shoot a gun.


Fly first class

Ride a bullet train

Go on a camping trip.

Go on a cruise.

Get out of my town. —- *read here*

Go on vacation by myself.

Travel alone.—- *read here*

Visit the birthplace or grave of an icon

 Go to an aquarium —- *read here*

Go on a road trip with friends.

Spend a night on the beach

Visit the Petronas Twin Towers.

Experience Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

See the Northern Lights

Experience a Symphony of Lights

Visit the Hershey’s Chocolate World

Visit Vietnam

See the Angkor Wat

Visit South Korea.

Go to Universal Studios.

Visit Taj Mahal.

See the Great Wall.

Go to Disney Land.

See the Sydney Opera House.

Visit at least 10 tourist destinations in my country.

Visit India.

See at least 5 tallest buildings of the world.

Visit Malaysia

Visit Dubai.

Visit Bali.

Visit Hong Kong.

Visit Macau, China

Visit Taiwan.

Visit Thailand.

Visit Singapore.

Visit China

Work overseas.



Feel confident about my body

Have my dream body.

Be a healthy weight.

Reach my goal weight.

Have a flat stomach.

Have abs.

Have skinny legs.

Have a total make-over

Get lasik eye surgery

Be a skinhead.

Have perfect teeth

Create and strictly follow a beauty regimen.

Have beautiful feet

Do everything on my bucket list.

Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years.   —- *read here*

Be financially literate

Get my hair really long.

Stop procrastinating and strictly follow my planner.

Pass the IELTS exam Click here for more graphics and gifs!

Get my Master’s Degree

 Click here for more graphics and gifs! TOTAL: 325 Click here for more graphics and gifs!